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Metal Polish/cleaner for sale.
$24.99 (Free Shipping to 48 US States)

    We can polish custom wheels, stock wheels, racing wheels, motorcycle wheels and tractor trailer wheels. Send us your wheels and your return product will look better than new!
* If you have stock wheels whether for a car, truck, van or motorcycle we can strip the paint and polish the metal to a brilliant mirror finish that will never crack or peel. Polish, don't chrome those stock wheels!
*If you have aftermarket or raw metal wheels including custom wheels, motorcycle wheels or alcoa wheels that have lost their luster we can we can buff them right back to life!
*Semi /Tractor Trailer Wheels*Custom Wheels*Stock Wheels*Motorcycle Wheels*Drag Wheels*Sprintcar Wheels
Vette Wheels Polished!Semi Truck Wheels Curb Rash Repaired 

     We accept restoration items from throughout the UNITED STATES: