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We can do everything from one of custom parts to large production runs!

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Big Rig Semi Truck Polishing
Just a few parts that we are able to polish/buff to a mirror chrome like finish that will never crack or peel!

*Trim Polishing
*Big Rig/ Tractor Trailers

Just a few areas we service below. Parts can be shipped from/to these areas for fairly cheap. 

*Wichita, Kansas

     Providing Mirror Finish Polishing Services In OKC Since 2000   
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Polished motorcycle swing arm!
Before polishing!        

You've seen our mirror finish polishing  work now its time to get some shine of your own. Questions/Comments? We offer the highest possible quality and like to be considered the best chrome shop in town.  More than 10 years experience in the polishing and buffing field and have finished everything from motorcyles, airplanes, hot rods, hospital/ school stainless and aluminum equipment We can polish even the oldest parts and produce a mirror shine every time. We have even buffed out a kitchen sink out to a mirror chrome like finish. We are currently expanding our polishing and buffing services nationwide so parts can be shipped to us directly therefore we can help you shine no matter where you live!  Lets go green and say no to chrome plating and the damage it does to our environment! 

Trim repair and polishing
Trim Grill repair polishing

"Oklahoma Elite Metal Polishing Co. can polish your dull aluminum and stainless steel and turn it into a mirror finish work of art!  We are focused on providing a high-quality service and providing great customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations and put some bling in your life. "
Our process starts with inspection and evaluation of every part to determine price and turn time. We must clean and remove old paint if needed before we start the next step. After cleaning and stripping process we can now start sanding and begin prep work before the buffing/polishing process. All metals are different so a Cast Intake may need to be sanded with a lower grit while a cnc Machined part might use a much higher grit. Every part is sanded beyond an 800 grit before the buffing step starts. The polishing is the most technical step and requires much expertise due to the exceptionally high speed and torque that the buffing machines produce. We use buffing machines that spin up to 6000rpm depending on the metal at hand. The buffing process can include up to 5 steps including hard buffing, color/ cut buffing then various final buffing steps. After your part is finished it will be treated with a wax product to reduce the chance of tarnishing. Also please ask about our liquid polish/wax to keep that shine for years to come! Call or email for questions about your own parts or email us some pics and we will get an accurate quote back to you within 4 hours.
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